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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - Mark Rodgers

This video was produced to support Mark Rogers and his quest to win the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year Award. This program tells the story of Mark's miraculous journey from being diagnosed with acute lymph-acetic leukemia as an infant to the healthy, remarkable teenager he is today. Rated 5 tissues.

Project Portfolio Videos

  • Wissahickon Course Restoration at the Philadelphia Cricket Club

    The historic Philadelphia Cricket Club celebrates the restoration of its classic A.W. Tillinghast golf course.
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - Mark Rodgers

    This video was produced to support Mark Rogers and his quest to win the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year Award. This program tells the story of Mark's miraculous journey from being diagnosed with acute lymph-acetic leukemia as an infant to the healthy, remarkable teenager he is today. Rated 5 tissues.
  • Woodbridge Energy Center

    A new, 700-megawatt, gas-fired power generating station is under construction in Woodbridge, N.J., that, when completed, will transmit power generated by this new facility to an existing substation three miles away. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was successfully used to install more than 11,000 ft of high-voltage transmission lines across two wetland areas and the Raritan River.
  • Roger Daniels: Jefferson Achievement Award in Medicine 2013

    Roger Daniels’ skill in medicine has brought him many honors, including the 2008 Clinical Practice Award from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians. In 2011, a group of his colleagues and patients at Jefferson joined to establish an associate deanship in professionalism in his name, and in October 2013, he received the Achievement Award in Medicine at the 11th Annual Jefferson Awards Gala.
  • Enbridge Oil Spill

    Documentary on EPA, MI, and local response to the rupture and spill of over 843,000 gallons of crude oil along 35 miles of the Kalamazoo River, a Lake Michigan tributary. The spill is the largest inland oil spill in the nation's history. CLIENT: USEPA REGION IV
  • Dr. Judith Shoemaker, DVM

    Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM, is an internationally known practitioner and educator in complementary veterinary medicine and therapy. Dr. Shoemaker is a 1980 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She is licensed to practice in most of the states on the East Coast and in Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, and Alabama. Dr. Shoemaker was recently awarded the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association’s Practitioner of the Year 2011-2012.
  • NJ Taskforce 1 Gameday Exercise

    Emergency Response Exercise highlighting New Jersey's dedicated Urban Search and Rescue Team held at Met Life Stadium. CLIENT: THE LOUIS BERGER GROUP
  • Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

    As director of the Metastatic Uveal Melanoma Program at Jefferson, Dr. Sato heads one of the few programs in the United States treating melanoma originating in the eye. Although uveal melanoma is the most common adult eye tumor, the disease is very rare, affecting only six or seven people per one million. This cancer commonly spreads to the liver, and patients who do not receive treatment live an average of six months. Dr. Sato has devoted his career to improving understanding of this disease and developing new treatments, particularly for patients who are not eligible for surgery.
  • Decontamination Technologies and Procedures: Household Bleach Solution

    Training video for the use of Sodium Hypochlorite, or common household bleach, as an effective sporicidal disinfectant against Bacillus anthracis, or anthrax. Research has shown that when modified, a bleach solution is effective in achieving up to a six- to seven-log reduction in anthrax spores when applied to hard, non-porous surfaces that stay wetted with the solution for up to 60 minutes.
  • Acoma: People of the White Rock

    Acoma Sky City sits on a 367 ft. mesa in New Mexico, and is the oldest continually inhabited city in North America. The video highlights a hazardous waste training exercise and the bioremediation of a toxaphene contaminated stockyard. CLIENT: USEPA
  • New Discovery DSC

    TA Instruments Technical Product Launch. CLIENT: TA INSTRUMENTS

    An abandoned 43 acre sugar beet processing factory on Colorado's front range is contaminated with asbestos and lime waste. The community is looking to redevelop the city owned site. CLIENT: USEPA
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Construction

    The USACE tasked Weston to repair and rehabilitate levees along the Missouri River damaged by record post winter runoff. Level A filmed exteriors for 3 days in minus 30 degree February windchills! CLIENT: WESTON SOLUTIONS
  • U.S. Finishing / Cone Mills

    Asbestos and an underground chemical plume containing chromium warranted a Time Critical Removal Action by EPA at a former textile mill near Greenville, SC. CLIENT: USEPA
  • Dr. Howard Weitz

    Tribute video honoring Jefferson University Hospitals Honoree. CLIENT: JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS
  • Liberty RADeX

    Over 1,000 federal, state, and local emergency responders convened in Philadelphia for a 5 day full-scale exercise based on an a Radiological Dispersal Devise attack, also known as a "Dirty Bomb." CLIENT: USEPA
  • Lateral Line Infiltration

    PR campaign to raise residential awareness of homeowner's responsibility to maintain aging sewer lateral-lines. CLIENT: DELCORA
  • Fibrominn Biomass Power Plant

    Fibrominn is the first power plant in America to utilize poultry litter as its primary fuel. The facility converts the poultry litter, which is a combination of turkey droppings and bedding, into electricity for 40,000 homes.
  • RSA-G2 - The World's Highest Performing DMA

    Technical Product Launch Video for TA Instruments. CLIENT: TA INSTRUMENTS
  • New Discovery TGA

    TA Instruments Technical Product Launch. CLIENT: TA INSTRUMENTS

    EPA's Portable High Through Put Integrated Laboratory Identification System (PHILIS) are mobile laboratories capable of analyzing samples in the field during Events of National Significance. PHILIS can identify Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals in gases, liquids, and solids on-site. CLIENT: USEPA
  • Libby Sister Sites

    Vermiculite ore containing asbestos from a mine in Libby, MT, was shipped to facilities where it was processed by unsuspecting workers. These locations are being investigated and cleaned up. CLIENT: USEPA
  • Solar Power Towers

    Power Towers, a type of solar energy where large mirrors reflect sunlight onto a receiver that produces steam, then spins a turbine to generate electricity is investigated. CLIENT: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery

    Documentary on the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation. Over 5,600 responders from federal and state agencies took part in the shuttle debris recovery effort. FEMA coordinated the investigation with NASA using the Incident Command System. CLIENT: USEPA
  • Incident Management Training Consortium

    Promotional video for the nation's most experienced All-Hazards Incident Management Team training provider. CLIENT: IMTC
  • Response Support Corps

    Recruiting video for the EPA Response Support Corps, a volunteer program that leverages the broad skill set of employees’ agency-wide in times of need. Membership is open to all EPA employees. CLIENT: USEPA
  • Torch Lake: Making Modern History

    As part of a copper mine waste remediation Michigan's Upper Peninsula, local teachers and students participated in a 4 year monitoring program in partnership with federal and state agencies. CLIENT: USEPA

    Pennsylvania Mine, located in the hills above Keystone Resort, has for decades dumped heavy metals (cadmium, copper, lead and zinc) into Peru Creek, a tributary of the Snake River. Heavy rainfall events sometimes flush out significant sediment loads from the abandoned mine site and, in 2007, resulted in a massive fish kill. EPA’s Emergency Response Program, along with state and local stakeholders, are working to mitigate the mine drainage and to restore stream water quality.
  • Smith-Kilborne Program

    APHIS recruiting video for summer veterinary student program focusing on foreign animal diseases which may threaten domestic animals. CLIENT: US DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE
  • Mad Cow Disease Outbreak Investigation

    Documentary on USDA's response and investigation to a Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy outbreak, also know as Mad Cow Disease.CLIENT: US DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE
  • Starmet Radiation Superfund Site

    Documentary on removal of 12,000 drums of radiological waste and treatment system used to reduce Radioactive wastewater into solid from former manufacturing facility. CLIENT: USEPA
  • HIFI House Episode 1 - Turntables

    Video Blog on turntables for the finest audio, video, and home automation systems integrator in the country. CLIENT: HIFI HOUSE